• Hankong Steel Wheel Rim

    Steel Wheel Rims & Forged Aluminum Alloy Wheel Rims for Bus, Heavy Duty Truck, Light Truck,Big Loader,Earthmover,Grader. Loaded separately or mixed with tyres in containers.

    Size : 2.42MBType : .pdf

  • Motorcycle Tyre

    HK Motorcycle tyres rubber rate 40% and up, sold well South America,West Africa, and Southeast Asia.

    Size : 1.93MBType : .pdf

  • Tyre Inner Tubes Catalog

    Buytl & Nature Rubber Tubes for Truck,Car,Motorcyle, Inner tubes are shipped separately in containers, and also mixed with Tyres in containers.

    Size : 2.93MBType : .pdf


    ATV Tires,RV(Recreational Vehicle) Tyres, Lawn & Golf Cart Tires,Industy Tyre

    Size : 4.11MBType : .pdf

  • PCR Tyres

    PCR Radial SUV Car Tyres powered by European Technology,New EU standard label, sold well in EU,Americans,Southeast Asia,Africa.

    Size : 11.55MBType : .pdf


    All Steel belted rubber wheels radial truck tyres powered by European Technology, Warranty/Guarantee :150,000km, Mixing small car tyres, inner tubes,Motorcyle tyres,Welding Rod,Clothes,Paper,etc.

    Size : 5.17MBType : .pdf